Lyra Pharm

The products of LYRA PHARM are assigned to the consumers, who take care about their health and environment at the same time.

The plants which ingredients are in the products of LYRA PHARM grow in the vicinity of Baška on the island of Krk, exposed to the Bura wind and the sunshine. Because of that they have very special attributes and aromas that affect the spirit and the body as well.

We offer natural moisturizing creams with essential oils and various aromas, for all skin types. With use of LYRA PHARM creams the facial skin will be elastic, nourished and protected against weather impacts.

All creams are hand-made, with lots of love and effort to give us a unique, unforgettable experience. By using them you will feel fresher, cleaner and happier!

Lyra Pharm  - Ars Natura
Lyra Pharm  - Ars Natura