Orioli Candles & Art

The flavours are the easiest to remember!

With the fragrant candles of ORIOLI CANDELS & ART we have decided to leave an indelible mark in your memory, so that you can enjoy them anytime, anywhere, over and over again...

We offer you our fragrant candles in the glasses, or as the candles for a pleasant flavour and decoration of your home. With ORIOLI candles you can to create a seaside atmosphere at any time of a year. So gift youself with some of our candles designed in the shape of a small flower,a shell or a butterfly, with the flavour of an orange, a lavender, a pine or a rosemary.

All our candles have been hand-made. Much effort and love have been put in them to achieve a unique design and a quality.

Orioli Candles & Art  - Ars Natura
Orioli Candles & Art  - Ars Natura